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Friends Only

Friends Only

Hi there.

I've kept a journal on this site since 2001 and as I've grown from an adolescent into a young adult the reasons for keeping it and how I keep it have changed. Nowadays, I write about how I'm feeling and what I'm doing on a day-to-day basis, and about my home, family life and my travels. As such, I don't expect that much of what I write in here would be interesting or relevant to anyone who isn't in one of my social circles or considers me to be a friend in the original sense of the word. If you know me in real life and very well through an online community, drop me a line using my personal e-mail address with your LJ username and I'll add you.

If you've come here because you've found what I've written about in other communities to be interesting and you want to read more, or you're just bored and need something to read, you'd probably be interested in Rozzyblog, the public blog on my personal website. It covers a wide variety of topics including but not limited to UK and International current affairs, local and national UK politics, linguistics, philosophy, art, literature (particularly SF), music, London and its surrounding environs, steampunk, Goth/"alternative" subcultures and general miscellaneous geekery. This is syndicated here: rozzyblog.

If you've come here because you know me via my programming/web development activities, you may be interested to know that I keep a technical blog on detailing what I'm doing, what I've learned and linking to things I find interesting. This is syndicated here: rozallinuseperl.

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